Megabass SUPER XLAYER 4.5inch - GLOW WHITE

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Main Specification Length:4・1/2inch Other:1pcs/7Qty
The SUPER XLAYER is a snagless jerk bait that works great for spinning or stress free casting with a baitcaster. The ribs are designed facing away from the direction of movement, creating unusual waves, and giving added dynamism to the lure's movements. This is especially noticeable during stop & go rod work where the pause in between is very pronounced. If you set an offset hook angled upward and then twitch, you get dynamic underwater dog walking. If set straight, it performs great as a so sinker dead sticking minnow. It's also great set up with a 1/32-1/16oz. jig head for twitching in weed bottoms. You will feel the excellent performance of the SUPER XLAYER when facing neutral fish amidst heavy cover.
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