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"White Python", which has made monster hunters all over the world groan, has descended on Evolusion. The 4th generation titanium shaft, C40-High Density Titanium Shaft, is injected with the power and directivity of another dimension brought about by the strong implant titanium. The powerful torque produced by the C40-HDTS provides ultimate stability in big bait games, deep cranking for monsters, heavy spinner bait games, etc. In addition, the high vibration transmission rate of titanium fibers provides directivity that accurately connects to the angler's senses during bottom bumping with heavy weight jigs, swimming, and chatterbait games. You can hook the monster fish bite without any time lag, tear off the cover fish with overwhelming torque, and bring it to high-speed landing. Light weight and excellent body balance are also characteristics of the new white python. Comfortably supports the ultimate high-power game.


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