Megabass BIG GABOT

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Megabass BIG GABOT

Extreme water splashing strikes at the primal instinct of big bass.Extreme water splashing strikes at the primal instinct of big bass.

The BIG GABOT is a larger, heavy-duty model of the PONY GABOT developed based on the strong requests of the US pro staff. While preserving the responsive CATAMARAN MOUTH of the PONY GABOT which allows for splash-walking action, the BIG GABOT features upgrades to various parts. In order to push the center of gravity farther back compared to the original GABOT, the skirt has been positioned away from the body. A new hook groove has been added to the connection point of the hook and body to limit unwanted hook slide. With the increase in size, the internal structure has also been redesigned and reinforced for durability. The BIG GABOT’s hook is custom-built for the new frog, increasing hook-penetration and reducing lost fish throughout the fight. With increased total weight, easy casting with thick PE line is possible. The larger body also allows for more powerful water displacement in heavy matted cover, dramatically increasing the appeal of the BIG GABOT in the eyes of big bass. The BIG GABOT has a striking presence that surpasses the original, stimulating the fighting instinct of big bass.

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