Megabass Brand New DESTROYER P5 F4-65X

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The F4-65X ONETEN STICK is built specifically for Japanese-style jerkbaiting, leveraging revolutionary 5-D graphite construction to elevate the jerkbait platform to new heights. At 6'5", the length has been perfectly calibrated for maximum jerk impact with minimal effort, requiring less angler input to hit slack line and set your jerkbaits to dancing. 5-D construction makes for a refreshingly responsive blank, snapping back to attention with a whip-quickness that makes dialing-in jerkbait cadence a pure joy. 

A set of larger-diameter guides are employed to add tip weight for ease of downward-jerking, in addition to reducing the effect of ice buildup in the winter months. Further, larger diameter rings provide a visual que—just watch for the line to reverberate and shake, and you know you have executed a proper slack-line jerk. To many professional anglers, there is only one jerkbait—the VISION ONETEN. It stands to reason there is only one ONETEN STICK for Japanese jerkbaiting.

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