Megabass i-SLIDE 187R Floating

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Megabass i-SLIDE 187R Floating

“R” stands for Revolution. The i-SLIDE, which boasts tremendous popularity around the world, has undergone a revolutionary evolution. The i-SLIDE 187 R is an epoch-making revolution model that allows anyone to easily create a sharp S-shaped action even with rough rod operation. It reliably catches water even in rivers and backwaters, and exhibits outstanding stability that always maintains a stable action.

In twitching and retrieving with slowness and speed, underwater dog walks and continuous turns that are faithful to the angler's image are shown. The direct operation feeling that allows you to clearly perceive the behavior of the action even in muddy water is unique to the "R" revolution model. The adjustability to various fields and situations is greatly improved.

[Floating Model]
Responsive slide action and agile slalom action that instantly respond to retrieve action induce active feeding. By adjusting the hook and ring size and attaching tuning weights to the body according to the situation, it supports a wide range of adjustability tunes such as suspending and sinking.


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