SLPW LT TYPE-α spool 2

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SLPW LT TYPE-α spool 2

SLPW LT TYPE-α spool 2

The long-awaited second generation has appeared in the replacement spool "LT TYPE-α spool" equipped with 1CRBB, which allows you to easily enjoy customizing. Renewed to a luxurious design.
By using different spools depending on the line to be used, flexible response is possible depending on the situation of the field.
Also, by using it in combination with a machine cut light handle and various S size knobs, you can make various strategies depending on the fishing method.

-Equipped with 1 CRBB
-Thin-walled aluminum spool

[Compatible models] 20LUVIAS / 19BALLISTIC / 21, 18CALDIA, 21EMERALDAS AIR, 21PRESSO, etc.
[Accessories] Winding thread adjustment washer, instruction manual


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