RomanMade Negotiator - Ochi Ayu

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Length: 180mm Weight: 85g
How To Use - SLOW RETRIEVE This produces the movement like the medium bait fish of the slide (meander) right and left. You can approach wide depth by controlling the rod work and the line. - FAST RETRIEVE The maximum feature of fast retrieve is a voluntary motion of the lure. The weight setting is done like doing movement with an irregular by an over tension the retrieve or the change in the flow of water, etc. It becomes an element to cause the effect of Flushing and the reaction bite. - FALL & JERK You make it freely fall after Cast, make it take slackened line after the bottom of arrival, flap the rod continuously two and three times, and fall freely, and repeat the same operation. The feature of this action causes fish's bite by quietness (free-fall) and the movement (jerk). Please do this method with great care so that danger to which the lure is caught in the place where a lot of obstacles exist in water.
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