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Many experts agree with the statement, ``If you want to master wind fishing, use a glass rod.'' Because of its flexibility, he says, there are situations in which it is impossible to catch fish without using grass, such as ``you can suck it in without flicking it'' and ``it won't break even a single piece of skin''. Indeed, the benefits of using glass rods for scrolls are immense. On the other hand, it is true that many anglers have a negative reaction to glass because it is ``heavy,'' ``sluggish,'' ``the cast feel is too different,'' and ``the use is too narrow'' compared to carbon.
This is where glass and carbon composite rods come into play. However, when it comes to glass composites, the butt part of the glass main shaft is generally reinforced with carbon. In other words, the tip and berry are still made of glass material, and the usability is similar to that of a glass rod.
However, Sky Sword aims to go in a completely different direction. High resin type 24 ton carbon is used for the main shaft, pursuing high flexibility and followability even though it is a carbon rod. Not only that, but the entire body from the bat to the tip is composited with a glass sheet with fibers running in a vertical and horizontal mesh pattern. By using carbon and glass for the entire main shaft, we have sealed the goodness of each material into a single rod.
Blanks with a mix of moderate repulsion and excellent flexibility have a well-balanced combination of the characteristics of carbon rods and glass rods, such as ``cast control performance'', ``winding sensitivity'', and ``suction performance''. What's more, the entire body is made of carbon + This is the beauty of the method of rolling it up in a glass.
In contrast to the one-point specialized glass rod, the Sky Sword is a balance-oriented type. The aim is to be able to practice the series of movements of winding fishing accurately, stress-free, and comfortably. This leads to ``keep casting,'' which is important for getting results when fishing with maki. This is Orion's scroll rod, Sky Sword.
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● Spinnerbait/buzzbait ● Shallow to middle crankbait ● Vibration ● Bladed jig ● Top water etc...


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