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LENGTH 205mm
WEIGHT 86~98g

From high-floating to sinking, our Reload Weight System adjusts floatability, and the light body with no need of a heavy tackle makes KRK205 excellent to maneuver in any range. This big bait adds more technical moves and fun into the game like you have never known before.
KRK205 allows the exciting top water game with sharp sliding and walking the dog, attracting the big bass to slice the water surface. It handles swimming in S-shape, waking, slide & dart, high-speed stop & go, you name it. Its readiness to all situations comes from the firm stability and the flat body that responds quickly to the rod handling – the perfected setting unique to KRK205.
We preserved the big bait form - one of the huge factors that attracts the bass. KRK205 also responds to the conditions of the field and bass immediately, assisting you in quick actions. This versatile and tireless big bait not only satisfies seasoned anglers, but also educates those who have avoided big baits how effective and amazingly rewarding it is.

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