Megabass Brand New DESTROYER P5 F4.1/2-71X

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The F4.1/2-71X THE DARK SLEEPER is the key to the stubborn lock of dormant deep fish, enabling precision presentation of light Texas rigs, bottom-tracing swimbaits, bladed swim jigs and worms. The exquisite tension of the 7’ blank is tuned for that improbable balance of sensitive rod work and overwhelming lifting power, swiftly translating whip-quick hooksets into culls from the deep. 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM transfers load with studied ease, allowing THE DARK SLEEPER’s fast taper design to draw the fight into the blank’s powerful mid-section to dominate surging targets. Not limited solely to high-precision deep approaches, the F4.1/2-71X also demonstrates excellent light Texas and small jig pitching performance amongst light cover.

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