Megabass DEEP-X100 LBO

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Megabass DEEP-X100 LBO

DEEP-X100 LBO ◆Hyper-responsive crankbait.

The DEEP-X 100, which has been the long-established benchmark for diving crankbaits, is finally being equipped with the LBO II (Linear Bearing Oscillator II). With its surprisingly compact body, the DEEP-X can instantly attack at its maximum diving depth and displays an astonishing ability for obstacle evasion. No matter the type of contact, the LBO II combines with the cutting-edge hydrodynamic body to consistently maintain action and control, responding directly to the angler’s retrieve to trigger bites. With the LBO II and its new hydrodynamic form, the DEEP-X achieves a lag-less initial swimming response that allows for intuitive cranking. From ponds, to rivers, to large lakes, this versatile crankbait can easily hammer out results in any field.

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