Megabass DEEP-X200 LBO

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Megabass DEEP-X200 LBO *Hyper response · crankbait.

The DEEP-X 200 is one of Yuki Ito’s favorite lures in his 30+ year career as a lure designer. The DEEP-X 200 exhibits multifaceted performance and versatility for underwater games in many fields, excelling as a crankbait, a flatside shad, at times a diving minnow, and at times a vibration bait that searches a dedicated range. The uniquely evolved form of this DEEP-X 200 features further refinements from the previous model. In addition to the high pitch vibrations, the angle of the head amplifies its sharp, rolling action. It emits intense high pitch flashing and impactful vibrations. The astonishing flight distance of the slim-bodied 200, made possible by the LBO II, defies expectation. The ultra-long-distance casting performance easily outpaces a typical crankbait, demonstratin

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