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Main Specification Length:95.0mm Weight:3/8oz. Type:SUSPEND-TYPE

The VISION95 "Q-GO" is a 3.74in. long minnow meant for shallow water. The swimming action of this bait is controlled by a completely new balancer system called the SHAFT BALANCER SYSTEM(PAT.) Instead of a moving, round balancer, the one in the Q-GO is shaped and fixed at the lowest point along the body. The result is an astounding new type of rolling action. Since the shaft weight acts as kind of reverse pendulum (think of it upside-down), the whole body swings with the shaft as a pivot. Unlike a moving balancer, the shaft balancer does not require guiding structures, so it frees up the space inside the bait. This allows the Q-GO to have very high buoyancy along with highly responsive movement. That is why the Q-GO is at home with any retrieval speed. Slow or fast, the Q-GO will get you the responses you have been waiting for.

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