Megabass IxI FURIOUS 1.5

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Megabass IxI FURIOUS 1.5

I × I brand, the long-awaited second edition. Imae and Ito once again present the ultimate solution to the world. The rare high speeder is finally completed. Its name is I×I "FURIOUS".

Imae, like the name of "Furious", thoroughly pursues elements that bring out the bass's attack instinct to the limit against the bait that escapes at a furious speed.
Ito introduced a water-through mechanism (PAT.), which was introduced in POPMAX, XPOD, Cyclone, etc., in order to embody a shallow runner in a different dimension. Designed in pursuit of hydrodynamics, which controls lure action and range control secondary by the action of water flow taken into the body. FURIOUS' water streaming that acts like a virtual lip is nothing short of spectacular.
During high-speed retrieve, the water flow from the intake on the head is pressurized inside the body and speeds up the flow speed, greatly enhancing the stability of the action and trajectory.
In addition, the excess water flow unnecessary for diving in the super shallow game is discharged downward from the two water ducts provided under the gills and decompressed. It offsets the over-range diving vector that naturally increases the water flow resistance due to the longer and faster retrieve in wide-area shallow games, and maintains a shallow depth as if it were sticking to a certain layer. It realizes high-speed winding fishing.
The FURIOUS is equipped with a micro LBO (PAT.). The spectacular high-pitch overroll promotes sharp strobe flickering. It is another world that a thin mini plug weighing only 7g can achieve overwhelming super long distance castability that does not care about the blast on the opposite side.
The ultimate solution that came out was fierce again this time. FURIOUS embodies a different dimension shallow game.

■ MODEL 1.5 (one point five)

・Versatile shallow runner with a maximum dive depth of 1.5m.

・High-pitch rolling drive action that demonstrates even more ultra-high-speed flickering and outstanding stability.

・After touching the bottom, even if the hook picks up a little garbage or sediment, it can swim through with ultra-tight swimming. Develop a super aggressive shallow game that swims from gap to gap in the lip wrap as if licking.


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