Megabass SuWITCH

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Megabass SuWITCH

SuWITCH is equipped with the patented transforming lip system pioneered in the XPOD. This revolutionary system allows the angler to change the angle of the lip with a firm “click” to instantly switch between different target ranges and action profiles.“Su” means four. SuWITCH, or "four witches," has a diversely destructive power that joins four seemingly magical powers into a single lure. It is a new generation of multi-purpose swimbait that can switch up its diving range and action to suit the situation.Equipped with the world's first "2-step variable bill" one-touch lip adjustment mechanism for swimbaits, SuWITCH switches seamlessly between "wake mode" and "dive mode" at the angler’s behest. In each mode, the lure can be retrieved with either a straight retrieve or with the additional dynamism of twitching and jerking rod work. Thus, a single lure can produce actions with four different appealing characteristics.


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