Megabass SV-3 3/4oz.DW

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Megabass SV-3 3/4oz.DW

Megabass SV-3 3/4oz.DW(Double Willow)

The SV-3 distills thirty-three years of spinnerbait design to end the debate once and for all.

Crafted for victory in the toughest fields, the SV-3 draws inspiration from the legendary V-3, which earned its place in history as one of the pioneering baitfish-head spinnerbaits. Our “Super” V-3 spinnerbait is the embodiment of design and angling expertise, developed for top-level pros competing in the most challenging tournaments. This most recent masterpiece comes fully loaded with a number of innovative specs to earn its place in angler arsenals for years to come.

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