O.S.P Do Live Crawler Slim 8.6inch

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O.S.P Do Live Crawler Slim 8.6inch

New strategy to obscure its presence, slim & long

Today's field circumstances affect the fishing results depending on the use of exquisite volume even with straight worms. There is a finesse long worm for fishing that brings in a part-time job even under extreme pressure such as tournaments and holiday major spots where people are crowded. Drive Crawler Slim 8.6" started development to make even the thinest bass rush and bite. Prioritizing the undulating reaction unique to long worms, it is designed with ultra-shallow ribs from the head to the tail. The ultra-shallow ribs have a weaker vibration than the drive crawler series of the same size with ring-shaped ribs, and the slim silhouette attracts the bass' attention without giving them more than necessary vigilance. have.

The Drive Crawler Slim 8.6” has a finesse approach with no sinker wacky, and a body and length that have been slimmed down to the last minute without impairing the feeding ability so that even a covered cat rig using a nail sinker of about 2.6g can be handled without stress. Designed with the best matching material selection.Invites bass bites as a new strategy for straight worms.


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